Pinnacle GIRLS Basketball Booster Club

Pinnacle Girls Basketball Booster Club has been established to produce an environment that enhances the basketball experience for our student-athletes at all levels, as well as, coaches, parents, and the community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for the Pinnacle Girls Basketball Program. 

2023-2024 Booster Club Committees

Pinnacle Girls Basketball Booster Club takes on a wide variety of activities in support of the program. Each committee works with the  direction of the Booster Club Board and participation by all parents on one or more of the committees is appreciated and is the key to attaining the booster club's fundraising goals.  We know we can count on you, our players parents, to make this season a success on and off the court! 

Booster Club Committees:

2023-2024 Booster Club Board

President: Erika Peloke VP Annie Elasky Treasurer: Penny Murphy         Secretary:   Krystle Edmonds

Booster Club Guidelines

Pinnacle Girls Basketball Booster Club adheres to the guidelines established by Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) in regards to booster clubs and volunteers.  Details can be found in the documents provided by PVUSD.  

Volunteer Handbook

Booster Club Guidelines